About TiE Sandhai

Having promoted Entrepreneurship across Tamil Nadu, it is now TiE Chennai’s responsibility to make sure our fraternity of entrepreneurs advance their business interests by facilitating a respectful, healthy environment. TiE Chennai presents an exclusive opportunity to its member community to promote their services or products in this uniquely designed marketplace well-christened ‘TiE Sandhai’.

Ever since the days of barter to today’s e-commerce era, the marketplace or sandhai in Tamil remains the most sought after destination for every entrepreneur to exhibit their services or products to find a suitable buyer.

From now on, this unique opportunity to showcase your work is a chance to reach out to Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Investors and Industry Veterans. Not only do you get to promote your business, you also get to assess how much your services are sought out by the community.

Here is the list of available Companies: Create Sandhai    

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