I need to start networking

12 Sep 2019

I need to start networking and meeting new people. But where do I start?

In the digital era that we live in, there is no denying that networking has become almost mandatory for a person to thrive (or even to merely survive) in their professional life. However, given our busy schedules, networking sometimes becomes a burden or difficult thing to do, a lot of times. So how do you make meaningful connections in a noisy world? Don’t worry, TiECON Chennai has got you covered!

TiECON Chennai is TiE Chennai’s annual entrepreneurship conference, slated to happen on 11th and 12th October this year. It brings together entrepreneurs from different walks of life, giving them the space to brainstorm and network while staying updated on happenings and trends in the world of business.

And yes. We know how challenging, exhausting and sometimes lonely the entrepreneurial journey can be. Which is why you need someone to answer your “How?” “Why?” questions that would pop up quite often. You will find that “someone” through TiECON Chennai as well – mentors who will guide and assist you every step of the way in your journey, sharing their experiences and business acumen with you, to make the journey a tad easier and less lonely.

Given how the business world is radically changing these days especially due to advancements in the tech space, TiECON Chennai 2019 aims at making entrepreneurs future ready. Why is this important now, you ask? Because a recent study by Standard Chartered tells us that India is likely to become the second largest economy in the world by 20301, for which entrepeneurs must be adequately prepared, to make the most out of the next decade which will see a lot of growth.

Still a bit unsure or sceptical as to how beneficial you might find an event such as this? Here is how TiECON Chennai has been an entrepeneur’s dream come true in the past.


What about funding? Will I find sources through this event?

It was in TiECON Chennai 2017, whilst addressing a session, that the CTO of Alibaba realized the potential of investing in India. So what did that lead to? Alibaba pumping in more money into the Indian company Paytm2. You will also know that funding is crucial for any company, and sometimes becomes a pain point, especially in the initial stages of the life of a business. Thanks to Pitchfest 2016, the CEO of Detect Technologies was able to do just that, raising $3.3 million from SAIF Partners and others3 after meeting lead investors at the event. We could also tell you about how TiECON Chennai made the incubation of Notifie, PiQube, Kobster and various other startups (screened via Pitchfest) by PayPal a possibility or that SP Robotic Works attracted funding from The Chennai Angels and other investors, but you get the drift. We are extremely proud that the event has managed to positively impacted more than 20,000 entrepreneurs so far.


I am on board! What is in store this year?

We are glad you asked! 1000 delegates, 100 investors, 70 exhibitors and 20 speakers apart from workshops, an Awards night and lots more – that is what you can expect from TiECON Chennai 2019. And I almost forget we have a no miss workshops and masterclass too.

Excited? Want to know more? Details on the speakers of TiECON Chennai 2019 as well as registration formalities can be found on the speakers and the program schedule section.

So are we ready to get #FUTURE READY!

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