Master Classes

Master Classes are short action packed 60 min sessions by individual domain experts. These talks aim at enabling the participant with specific industry insights which they can put to use in their businesses and grow at a faster rate.

classified under 2 categories:
  • CEO Track
  • CTO Track

The CEO Track

This track is all about the CEO skills an entrepreneur needs to drive an organisation on the highway of growth and grow multiple ‘X’ every year.

True Leadership

How to get employees to behave like owners?

Upcoming Event Speaker
Mr Ram Gopalan
Executive Coach,
Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
Using Marketing for Exponential Growth.

Unlock Customer Insights to Unlock Business Value

Upcoming Event Speaker
Mr.Vikas Gupta
Former head
Marketing Coca-Cola India

The CTO Track

This track will focus on the skills the CTO of an enterprise should possess to keep his/her organisation upto pace with the growing technological changes in the fast paced business ecosystem.

Digital Transformation

Amplify Customer Lifetime Value with Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning (in a B2C Context)

Upcoming Event Speaker
Karthikeyan S
Suyati Technologies
Tech Behind FinTech
Upcoming Event Speaker
Pradeep Kumar S
Head of Ecosystem & Outreach - PayPal India