Anand Chandrashekaran

[ Co-Founder & CTO ]

Anand Chandrasekaran is the CTO and Co-Founder of Mad Street Den, a Computer Vision based Artificial Intelligence startup. He’s a Neuroscientist, with a long history in academia. At Stanford
University, as a postdoctoral Scholar of Neuromorphic Engineering, Anand was a member of the team that built Neurogrid, a Neuromorphic chip that simulates a million neurons in real-time – the first one of its kind. He also designed and simulated an axon router chip, capable of demonstrating structural plasticity in addition to synaptic plasticity.

Prior to co-founding his own startup, Anand worked as Research Scientist in Evolved Machines, Inc., developing neural algorithms capable of solving real-world sensory classification problems; and as consultant in Zort Technologies, serving the broad software development needs of clients with a particular emphasis on technical computing in the realms of pattern recognition and machine learning. With a body of experience that includes work with IBM, DARPA, Stanford and more, Anand’s one of the few in the world with a combination of Biology (Neuroscience), Hardware (Neuromorphic Engineering) and Software (AI systems). Anand’s experience and expertise span a wide range of areas including: medicine, healthcare and diagnostics using AI, scientific research on mammalian brains, hardware and software expertise in building brains to defense related applications.