Hemalatha Annamalai

[ Founder and CEO. ]

Hema is a first generation women entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Ampere Vehicles (www.amperevehicles.com), a company spearheading India’s Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution.
Their products range from E-cycles to E-scooters, E-loaders for carrying load, and Special purpose vehicles for waste management.

Ampere leads the affordable mobility solutions needs of semi-urban/rural markets through battery-operated vehicles where land transportation is an essential enabling economic component of the
aspiring middle class. In a short span of time, Ampere has carved a niche for itself as an innovative technology creator in the nascent Indian Electric Vehicle Industry, contributing to environmental sustainability. Ampere’s focus on rural markets has brought about far-reaching social transformation by empowering the individuals to commute at a very low cost. She believes,
Personal mobility is a basic need on par with food, clothing and shelter that defines the dignity of an individual.

Hema aims to empower women and create jobs in manufacturing using sustainable and disruptive technologies. 30% of her workforces are women who she intends to make to 80% in the coming
years with a vision of becoming a national leader in Electric Mobility through frugal/lean engineering.

Hema holds an MBA from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia and a Bachelors degree in Computer Technology and Informatics from Government College of Technology,